Port City Pacers
Best race times

5K: 28:38
8K: 51:58
10K: 1:01:43
20K: 2:11:48
1/2 Mar: 2:32:58
Mar: 5:26:35

Goals for 1999
Sub-28:00 5K, sub 59:00 10K, sub 2:00 20K, sub 2:00 1/2 marathon, sub 4:50 marathon.
Interesting fact
One of our Pensacola walkers, Larry travels throughout the world as a medical exam writer and lecturer for the US Navy. He says his best asset is his humor. Larry started racewalking in March, 1998--with a dq at the ATR. (He didn't think that was funny.)

Larry Yates

Larry with two of our many "Johns" at the 1999 World Cup Trials in Manassas, VA.

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