Solana Beach, CA

"Racewalk Summit"

October, 2011

I totally forgot to get a group shot! This is Swedish Olympian, Andreas Gustaffson demonstrating drills.

Clinic staff: 3x Olympian Philip Dunn, Coach Dave, US Junior Champ and 10k record holder Tyler Sorenson, US National Team Coordinator Chris Rael.

October, 2010

October, 2009

Stephen Gaudet's 2009 clinic review

Additional photos by Stephen Gaudet

November, 2008

Dave and the rest of the clinic participants relaxing with current and former US National Team members Philip Dunn, Steve Pecinovsky, Chris Rael, Tim Seaman, Mike Tarantino and Chris Tegtmeier

Philip and Elizabeth at the beach

Steve leading drills

I have no explanation for this...

Solana Beach Advanced clinic '08 review by Elizabeth Richardson

September, 2007

Dave, two-time Olympian Philip Dunn, and coach Lizzy Kemp-Salvato demonstrating racewalking technique.

Technique review

Saturday night on the town

September, 2006

Group shot

Sloan tortures Dan

Neighborhood walk

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