OCEAN TOWNSHIP, N.J. - Tim Seaman and Curt Clausen, America's top
two racewalkers at the Athens Olympic Games, put their talents on display
in the 66th annual USA Track and Field National Championship 40-kilometer
racewalk and came through with a 1-2 finish.

       In their first competitive start since the Athens Games - where Seaman
led all USA walkers in the 20-kilometer event and Clausen was first USA
finisher in the 50-kilometer race - Seaman took the 40K title at Joe Palaia Park on
Sept. 12 with a performance of three hours, 20 minutes and 14 seconds,
and Clausen was second in 3:32:45.  Both represent the New York Athletic

       The battle for the concurrent USATF women's national 40K title was
much closer - with Erin Taylor of New York City (clocked in 4:42:22) holding off
Marie Woodland of Philadelphia's Phast club (4:45:12) and Jennifer
Marlborough of East Rockaway, N.Y. (4:46:12.)

      The race was hosted by Shore AC of New Jersey, sponsored by Oxford
Health Plans, and staged in cooperation with Ocean Township Recreation and USATF
of New Jersey.

        Shore AC's John Soucheck of Little Silver (3:40;25) surged past
Theron Kissinger of Waterbury, Conn. (3:41:08) on the 20th and final two-kilometer
loop around Joe Palaia Park to snare third place.  Top local finishers  in
the women's race were Shore AC's Colleen Glass of Red Bank (fourth in
4:57:37) and Maria Paul of Long Branch (sixth in 5:09:40.)

     "My only goal was to win, and I was happy to achieve that," said Seaman,
  32, the Long Island product, a University of Wisconsin-Parkside graduate
  and two-time Olympian, who lives and trains in Chula Vista, California.
       "I took a little break after Athens, now I have to figure out my
future plans," said Seaman, who regained the 40K title he'd won in 2002, with a
course-record time of 3;06:17.  "I'm at a crossroad in my life right now. I want to stay
in the sport another four years, but I have to figure out a way to do it."

     This was the 19th career national walk title for Seaman, who holds nine
American records at assorted distances.

      Three-time Olympian Clausen, 36, was top American finisher in 20K walk
at Atlanta in 1996, as well as the 50K in Sydney in 2000 and Athens last
month, but suffered through bouts of digestive tract distress this time, forcing at
least four pit stops,and settled for a distant second place.

     Clausen, a Stevens Point, Wisconsin, product, one of the most honored
racewalkers in American history and the national 40K champion in 1988, 1997
and 2003, is at a crossroad, too.  He's making the transition from full-time
athlete to full-time student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison,
Law School.

    In the concurrent 20K walk, Deb Huberty of Greendale, Wisconsin, turned
in a 2005 national qualifying time of 1:37:44, with Jolene Moore of Northbrook,
Illinois second in 1:43.20.



1. Tim Seaman, NYAC, 3:20:19;
2. Curt Clausen, NYAC, 3:32:25;
3.  John Soucheck, Shore AC, 3:40:25;
4.  Theron Kessinger, New Balance, 3:41:08;
5.  Bill Vayo, Walk USA,  3:58:01  (1st 40-44);
6.   Rod Craig, Pegasus AC, 4:05:29  (1st 45-49);
7.   Nick Bdera, East Side RW, 4:07:08 (1st 55-59);
8.   Max Walker, Indiana Racewalkers, 4:08:13 (2nd 55-59);
9.  Leon Jasionowski, Pegasus AC, 4:09:13 (3rd 55-59);
10.  Bob Keating, New England Walkers, 4:13:26 (4th 55-59);
11.  Vlado Haluska, unattached, NYC, 4:14:40 (1st 50-54);
12.  Alexis Davidson, East Side RW,  4:23:03 (2nd 45-49);
13.  Ken Lampar, Pegasus AC, 4:34:20 (3rd 45-49);
14.  Tom Quattrocchi, Shore AC, 4:39:53 (2nd 50-54);
15.  William May, Phast Club, Philadelphia,  4:41:52 (1st 70-74);
16.   Lon Wilson,   East Side RW, 4:42:18 (5th 55-59);
17.   Jack Lach, Shore AC, 4:46:07  (1st 60-64);
18.    Art Glass, Shore AC, 4:59:20 (6th 55-59);
19.  Randy Miller, Essex Running Club, 4:59:39 (2nd 40-44);
20.   Jack Starr, Phast Club, 5:08:21 (1st 75-79);
21.  Dave Romansky, Shore AC, 5:20:40 (1st 65-69);
22    Eliot Collins, Shore AC,  5:40:08 (3rd 50-54);
23 Gordy Hawkins, West Florida Y Acewalkers, 5:52:19 (7th 55-59.)


1. Erin Taylor, unattached, NYC, 4:42:22;
2. Marie Woodland, Phast Club, Philadelphia, 4:45:12;
3.  Jennifer Marlborough, unattached, East Rockwaway, NY, 4:46:12;
4.  Colleen Glass, Shore AC, 4:57:37;
5.  Denise Rogers, Adirondack,  5:06:19;
6.  Maria Paul, Shore AC, 5:09:40;
7.  Janine Stuart, New England Walkers,  5:13:12 (1st 40-44);
8.  Bernadette McNulty, Phast Club, 5:23:45.


Men's Open Teams
1. Pegasus AC, Michigan (Craig, Jasionowski, Lampar)     12:49:02.
2. Shore AC (Soucheck, Quattrocchi, Lach)  13;06:25;
3. Shore AC B Team (Glass, Romansky, Collins) 15:01:08.

Men's Masters Teams

1. East Side Racewalkers, NYC   (Bdera, Davidson, Wilson)    13:12:29.

No complete women's teams.

Bruce MacDonald, NY (chief judge); Sal Corrallo, Delaware; Marge Corrallo,
Delaware; Avram Shapiro, NJ; Marcia Shapiro, NJ; Isabel Keeley, NJ; Elliott
Denman, NJ.

Chief Scorer: Ray Somers, NJ;  Assistant scorers: Larry Kalb, NJ; Gene Geer,
NJ; Ben Ottmer, NJ; Jack Lucey, NJ.

USATF Representatives: Andrew Boyajian, NJ; Rod Larsen, Florida.

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