Riverside, CA 15 km Results
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May 19, 2003
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Seaman roars back at Riverside

Riverside, CA--Bouncing back from a month layoff, Tim Seaman was in total control yesterday morning in winning the Western Regional 15 km Championships in a time of 1 hour, 3 minutes, 58 seconds. Curt Clausen was second in 1:05:40 with Sean Albert third in 1:08:42.

The New York AC's Tim Seaman took off at the start and was never challenged. His pace of 4:15 per kilometer would have put him at 1:25:00 for 20 km. That's a big step forward for Seaman who will aim to walk under 1:24:00 at US Nationals in order to get a "B" time standard and qualify for the World Championships. Seaman missed a month of training due to a knee injury and only resumed workouts two weeks ago.

"Since I decided to focus on the 20 km (rather than the 50 km), my vision is clearer on the road to Athens (for the Olympics). Each race is a stepping stone toward that goal."

Curt Clausen appeared comfortable while walking at 4:22 per kilometer during the race.

"It was a controlled effort, but I'm definitely getting there fitness-wise," said Clausen, also of NYAC.

For Clausen and Albert, this was a tune-up for next weekend's 50 km race in Long Island where they will attempt to qualify for the World Championships and/or Pan American Games.

"With the 50 km coming up, I made sure I didn't race it yesterday. I was using the 15 km for a good workout," Albert said.

Philip Dunn has the leading time for the World Championships at 4 hours, 15 minutes. If Clausen walks faster, he will replace Dunn on the World Championship Team. Clausen would have to walk the "A" standard of 3:57:00 for both he and Dunn to go. The "A" standard pace is 4:44 per kilometer for 31 miles. Albert will be looking to qualify for the Pan Am Games by walking under 4 hours, 31 minutes, which conceivably could knock Dave McGovern off the team.

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