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May 17, 2003
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Shorey breaks school record; Moore cruises

Kenosha, WI--University of Wisconsin-Parkside's (UWP) Ben Shorey added an
other chapter to his spectacular rookie season this morning and this time it
was at the Olympic Distance of 20 km. Shorey crushed a decent field, walking
1 hour, 27 minutes, 26 seconds. Jolene Moore was solidly in front from the
gun as well and walked a personal best time of 1 hour, 39 minutes, 50

As soon as the gun went off, Shorey shot out like a cannon and never looked
back, lapping the entire field twice. That left Parkside teammates Mike
Tarantino, Steve Quirke, and Jim Heys to battle the Army's Al Heppner, a UWP
graduate, for second. Tarantino was the first to fall off, just after the
halfway point, then Heys slowed after 12 km. Heppner, walking his first 20 km
in nearly a year, sprinted past Quirke at 14 km, and opened up a 40-meter
lead. But he was unable to separate himself further from Quirke and struggled
mightily to hold him off. Shorey, Heppner, and Quirke all qualified for the
US Olympic Trials and next month's US Outdoor Championships. Tarantino was
also under the nationals standard. Heys competes for Canada.

After the race, Shorey hardly seemed tired at all. Sunbathing on the track,
Shorey was singing like he was at a picnic. Heppner was also laying on the
track, but that's because he was too tired to get up. Shorey's time erased
Mike Stauch's 16-year-old school record (1:27:47) and is the fourth fastest
time in the nation this year.

"I didn't even know what the school record was, but of course it feels good
to get it," Shorey said.

Shorey drives home to Maine tomorrow and is suddenly a true contender for the
national title at Stanford. The super sophomore won the junior nationals last
year in Palo Alto, erasing Tim Seaman's American Junior Record. Now, he will
look to challenge Seaman, the defending champion in the big show.

"Ben walked nice and controlled and within his range. He's got more in him
for when he has someone to chase," said UWP Coach Mike De Witt.

Moore was on her own as well in the women's 20 km, with Sam Cohen solidly in
second on her way to a personal best (1:42:39). A pack of six walkers battled
for third early, before Anne Favolise pulled away to claim the bronze in
1:46:12, also a personal best. All three qualified for the US Olympic Trials
and Outdoor Nationals.

Moore, 37, began walking just 16 months ago and has made tremendous progress
during that time. Her time today was the fastest in the US this season.

"Jolene had a great race with a huge negative split. Her second 10 km was a
personal best as well," De Witt said.

Moore walked 50:38 and 49:12 for her 10 km splits.

De Witt installed the curb for the track yesterday, validating Parkside's
oval as a record setting venue.


Jolene Moore            1:39:50     Parkside AC
Sam Cohen               1:42:39     Parkside AC
Ann Favolise            1:46:12     UWP
Amanda Bergeron         1:51:58     UWP
Heidi Hauch             1:56:19     Dave's WC
Amber Antonia           1:58:19     UWP
Dee Webb                DQ          Dave's WC

Magda Spyra             54:16       Univ. of Mary - North Dakota
Gayle Johnson           59:11       Columbia, MO

Christine Tagliaferri   27:11       UWP
Pam Murkowski           27:31       UWP

Judges:  Deb Hammen, Steve Frey, Lynn Tracy, Sarah Frey, Clifford Gatewood

Ben Shorey              1:27:26     UWP
Al Heppner              1:32:33     US Army
Stephen Quirk           1:32:44     UWP
Jim Heys                1:34:53     UWP
Mike Tarantino          1:34:58     UWP
Mike Stanton            1:38:53     UWP
Matt De Witt            1:41:33     UWP
Gary Morgan             1:45:36     NYAC
Eric Pasko              1:48:05     UWP
T.C. De Witt            1:49:59     UWP

Jon Chasse                49:01    UWP

Will Preischel            24:41    Parkside AC

Judges:  Deb Hammen, Steve Frey, Ron Winkler, Alice Winkler, Sarah Frey

Klaus Theidmann            56:41       Chicago, IL
George Opsahl              1:00:31     Portland, OR

Judy Myers                1:01:23    Parkside AC
Lynn Tracy                1:03:21    Parkside AC

Judges:  Mary Byars, Steve Frey, Judy Myers, Clifford Gatewood, Sheila

Eric Lawson (12)           16:37     RWI - IL

Ron Winkler (52)           33:03    Parkside AC
Kate Marrs   (73)          35:15    Parkside AC
Alice Winkler  (53)        36:17    Parkside AC
Garland Moore  (43)        37:16    Parkside AC

Judges:  Mary Byars, Steve Frey, Sheila Scholl, Clifford Gatewood, Judy

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