Official Penn Relays Results
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April 26, 2003
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Shorey upends Albert; Moore also wins

Ben Shorey made quite a statement in his first major race as an open athlete.
The University of Wisconsin-Parkside Sophomore upset pre-race favorite Sean
Albert to win the Penn Relays 10 km walk quite handily. Shorey, the US 10 km
Junior record holder scored another personal best with a time of 42 minutes,
10.97 seconds. Jolene Moore completed a sweep for Parkside by winning the
women's 5 km race in 23 minutes, 44 seconds.

Shorey and Albert, who trains at the ARCO Olympic Training Center in Chula
Vista, CA, quickly made it a two person race by walking a quick first lap in
1:35. Albert was content to let Shorey lead for the first half of the race,
before attempting a breakaway early in the second half. Shorey refused to let
the veteran get away. After going through 8 km together in 33:58, Shorey
dropped a 1:36 lap to gap Albert (1:42). From then on, Shorey steadily pulled
away. Albert was second in 42:29.89. Puerto Rico's Enrique Uozrit was third
in 42:57.97.

The women's race was a three person battle between Moore, UW-Parkside
Sophomore Anne Favolise, and Susan Armenta of New Balance. Moore and Favolise
went through the first kilometer in 4:47 with Armenta just two seconds back.
The trio were still together at 3 km, with Moore leading the way in 14:30.
Favolise was just one-second back, with Armenta (14:32) on her heels.

At 3,400 meters, Moore made her move, walking a 1:53 lap and only Favolise
tagged along. Armenta had slowed to a 2:00 lap. On the successive lap, Moore
held pace  (1:54) and that was enough to gap Favolise (1:58).

Moore, who competes for the Parkside Athletic Club, is a relative newcomer to
racewalking, but is climbing the ranks quickly under the tutelage of
UW-Parkside Coach Mike De Witt.

In the junior boy's race, rising Mansfield University Star Adam Staier took
the gold 46:30.59, with Erica Adams winning the junior girl's race in
25:39.80. As the top junior performer, Adams won a free trip to train at the
ARCO Olympic Training Center, according to race director Jeff Salvage.

This year's Penn Relays racewalk field was one of the largest ever.

"We would have had the largest ever, if it weren't for a few late scratches.
However, we appreciated that those athletes let us know in advance. I'd also
like to take personal credit for holding off the rain. That marks the twelfth
consecutive year of perfect weather," Salvage said.

By Salvage's accounts, as soon as the women finished, it started pouring.

Official Results

Event 173, Saturday, 7:00 am
MOD 10k Racewalk

1 42:10.97 Ben Shorey Wisconsin/Parkside
2 42:29.89 Sean Albert New Balance
3 42:57.97 Enrique Uozrit Turabo (Puerto Rico)
4 44:46.26 Jim Heyes Wisconsin/Parkside
5 44:57.09 Allen James Park Racewalkers
6 45:04.15 Steve Quirke Wisconsin/Parkside
7 45:43.24 Luis Mevcado Turabo (Puerto Rico)
8 45:47.06 Mike Tarantino Wisconsin/Parkside
9 45:49.65 Mike Stanton Wisconsin/Parkside
10 46:16.20 Matt Dewitt Parkside AC
11 48:14.43 Jim Robinson Rio Grande
12 49:02.69 John Soucheck Shore AC
13 52:07.84 Donald Cote unattached
14 55:28.80 Alex Major PVTC

Event 174, Saturday, 7:00
Masters Men's 10k Racewalk

1 49:02.69 Keith Luoma Atlanta TC
2 53:51.36 Ed Fitch Miami Valley TC
dnf Mark Dennett Winthrop H.S.
dnf Cliff Mimm Shore AC
dq Steve Pecinovsky U.S. Air Force
dq Vince Peters Miami Valley TC

Event 175, Saturday, 7:00 am
Junior Men 10k Racewalk

1 46:30.59 Adam Staier Mansfield
2 46:46.54 Zachary Pollinger unattached
3 47:54.69 Joe Trapani Centereach
4 51:23.43 Troy Clark Lisbon H.S.
5 51:49.93 Dan Campbell Caribou H.S.
6 54:20.58 Richard Corell Mansfield
7 56:36.58 Tom Ulrich Walk USA

Event 176, Saturday, 8:00 am
WOD 5k Racewalk

1 23:44.0 Jolene Moore Parkside AC
2 24:17.71 Anne Favolise Wisconsin/Parkside
3 24:35.72 Susan Armenta New Balance
4 25:46.22 Sarah Perry unattached
5 26:24.03 Laura Feller unattached
6 27:38.92 Katie Rulapaugh Cedarville
7 28:32.26 Sarah MacIntyre Mansfield

Event 177, Saturday, 8:00 am
Masters Women's 5k Racewalk

1 25:40.49 Maryanne Torrellas CT Racewalkers

Event 178, Saturday, 8:00 am
Junior Women 5k Racewalk

1 25:39.80 Erica Adama Spartanburg
2 26:14.52 Tina Peters Miami Valley TC
3 26:52.10 Shannon Gillespie Shore AC
4 26:53.56 Lauren Olieveri Mansfield
5 26:53.85 Dana Vered New Balance/New Jersey
6 27:27.74 Carly Lochala Mt. Blue H.S.
7 27:30.47 Keisha Pearson Bellport
8 27:53.46 Jasmine Brooks Dirigo H.S.
9 28:00.88 Allison Snochowski New Balance/New Jersey
10 29:02.97 Keelin Yenney unattached
11 29:09.19 Latoya Henry New Rochelle
12 30:08.71 Latasha Neill New Rochelle
13 30:21.01 Hatshepshut Newsome New Rochelle
14 30:21.41 Deborah William New Rochelle
15 30:24.82 Jessie Smith Mt. Blue H.S.
16 30:26.20 Shani Brown New Rochelle

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