Lachlan McDonald, Amber Antonia Lead Univ. Wisconsin-Parkside
to NAIA Walking Titles
Compiled by John MacLachlan

     JOHNSON CITY, TN (RWI) - The UWP women placed 1-4 and the UWP men
placed 1-2 at the 2002 NAIA Indoor Race Walking Championships here today at
East Tennessee State University leading the University Wisconsin-Parkside
(UWP) to another NAIA victory.

     Lachlan McDonald won his sixth (6) NAIA title as he moved to the front
early and was never threatened.  After the win McDonald commented, "I liked
the 280 meter track with the long straight aways and broad curves.  It was
easy to keep my rythym."  Teammate Jim Hayes was less than two (2) seconds

     The women's race was all UWP and Amber Antonia, Robyn Stevens, Ann
Fravolise and Amanda Bergeron were head and shoulders above the field.  The
top four also qualified for the USATF National Indoor Championships tomorrow
in New York City.

     "I took Mike's (Mike DeWitt, UWP coach) advice and stayed to the
pre-arranged lap schedule as I tried to save something for tomorrows big
race in New York.  I felt good all the way and wound up lapping all the
walkers except for Robyn and Anne," said a happy Antonia packing up for the
trip to the Big Apple.

     DeWitt, who is also RWI's Coaching Coordinator, was pleased with all
his walkers from the freshmen on through the upper-class athletes.

Lachlan McDonald         12:16.56     UWP-Parkside
Jim Heys             12:19.5l     UWP-Parkside
Mathew Boyles                 12:26.87     Univ. Rio-Grande-OH
Ben Shorey             12:48.0     UWP-Parkside
Matt DeWitt             12:54.92     UWP-Parkside
Jim Robinson                 12:57.09     Univ. Rio-Grande-OH
T.C. DeWitt             13:10.09     UWP-Parkside
Caio Soares             13:12.24     Berry College-Georgia
Mike Stanton                 13:34.65     UWP-Parkside
Fenley Spencer                 14:10.32     Taylor Univ.- Indiana
A.J. Tederson                 14:17.27     Minot St. Univ.--ND
Bobby Kemp                 15:15.46     Lindsey Wilson Univ.-KY
Paul Dansickle                 17:55.94     Mid American Nazarene

Amber Antonia                 13:56.06     UWP-Parkside
Robyn Stevens                 14:22.86     UWP-Parkside
Ann Fravolises                 14:23.39     UWP-Parkside
Amanda Bergeron         14:57.12     UWP-Parkside
Heather George          15:06.34     Hastings College, Neb.
Kate Brooker                 15:39.68     Simon Fraser Van. B.C.
Magda Spura                 15:46.75     Univ. of Mary, N.D.
Sharon Yen             15:49.05     Simon Fraser Van. B.C.
Jessi Scardina                 15:51.52     UWP-Parkside
Pam Murkowski                 15:56.5l     UWP-Parkside
Katie Rulataugh         16:02.6l     Cedarville College-OH
Emma Carter                 16:21.34     Baker Un--KS
Jane Hall             16:39.88     Graceland College--IA
Beth Lewis             18:27.40     Central Methodist-MO
Kristen Barnett         18:53.98     Un. Rio Grande--OH

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