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The 2003 AllTel Classic T&F RW Results

Mansfield University's walkers put in a 9 hour drive to get to the
University of Findlay in northwestern hinterlands of Ohio on Friday.  Rio
Grande put in 4 traveling from the far southeastern corner of
Ohio.  Normally this kind of travel would negatively effect an athlete's
performance but only Gary Morgan's meet and field house records suffered -
terminal erasure!

With Jim Robinson, a senior at Rio Grande University, establishing the pace
at the gun and leading the field though a first 800 meter split of 3:14, it
was obvious something special was gonna happen.   With an advantage of
almost 5 meters at the mile in 6:33 (1600 meters for those who don't like
1.8 miles as a sufficient approximation) Robinson's lead disappeared when
Matt Boyles, a junior at Rio Grande, and a member of the USA 2002 World Cup
team, threw in a lap surge in sub 50 seconds.   Right on his heels and into
second went Adam Staier, a freshman from Maine attending Mansfield
University in eastern Pennsylvania.

The rest of the field at this time was a lap and a half down when the real
racing started.

Pressing at each advantage Staier picked up 2 red cards and the
lead.   Boyles then tucked in until the last turn of the last lap.  But the
short final straight wasn't long enough to secure the win despite both
athletes crossing in a near tie.  Staier had the victor's lean.  And with
it Morgan's 12:31.94 Meet and Field house records.   The new standard, a
whopping 24 seconds under the old record, will be 12:07.4 (hand time).

Boyles, with an official time of 12:07.7 that doesn't belie the true
closeness of the finish, joined Staier in easily meeting the USATF Indoor
Nationals Qualifying standard of 12:45.  Robinson, 8th at last year's USATF
Indoor Nationals, will have to take another walk at qualifying as he just
missed with his third place finish in 12:48.3.

Rich Correll of Mansfield finished 4th, with Spencer Finley of Taylor
University and Tim Sykes of Rio Grande U finishing fifth and sixth and
qualifying for the NAIA indoor Nationals in the racewalk.    For Sykes, it
was only his second time the cross country standout has raced as a walker.

This men's race will go a long way toward determining favorites in the RWI
& the United States Track Coaches Association (USTCA) sponsored Collegiate
Race Walking Grand Prix since the University of Wisconsin Parkside walkers
were unable to make the 5 hour drive to this, the first major stop on the
circuit.  The second Ohio race on the circuit will be Saturday, April 5th,
at Wilmington College, northeast of Cincinnati, in Wilmington, Ohio.

Michelle goes 9,842.519687 feet for the Win

In the women's race that immediately preceded the men, Michelle Rohl,
mother, driver, and coach, cruised round the six lane track as if it was
the interstate highway she had already spent the better part of Friday
on.   Staying within herself Michelle, representing Moving Comfort TC,
coasted to victory in 13:37.90 after the first 8 laps in 7:14.

But that didn't mean that there wasn't any racing taking place.

Going head to head for second place were Mansfield University frosh
Olievire Lauren and Yellow Springs HS frosh Tina Peters. The duo, enjoying
the vocal encouragement the walkers received following the meet director's
announcement of Michelle's credentials, had several lead changes during the
first mile.   They hit their 'mile' split in a quick 8:38.  In the race for
fourth, Cedarville University senior Katie Rulapaugh sat off the fast pace
of Mansfield frosh Sarah MacIntyre thru 8 laps in 8:50.

Saying she felt relaxed throughout, Peters, who has had only 5 walking
workouts this year due to her HS Basketball practices, dogged Lauren from
the mile till two laps were left.   She then closed with a 1:47 final 400
for 2nd and a 13 second PR in 15:55.60.  Lauren finished 3rd in 16:03.83.

The race for fourth was also close.  Until MacIntyre visible tired and
Rulapaugh took advantage.  The final difference was 10 seconds with
Rulapauph crossing in 16:38.13.

While Rohl was the only athlete to make the USATF indoor Championships
qualifying Standard, 3 athletes, Rulapaugh, and Rio Grande's sophomore
Kristen Barnett, and frosh Billie Robinson qualified to compete in the NAIA
collegiate championships.

Event 11  Women 3000 Meter Race Walk
Fieldhouse: F 13:08.44  2/20/00     Jill Zenner, Miami Valley TC
Meet:         M 13:09.11  1/26/01     Sarah Stevenson, Olivet Nazarene
1 Rohl, Michelle                  Moving Comfort TC    13:37.90
2 Peters, Tina               14  Miami Valley TC        15:55.60
3 Lauren, Olievire          FR  Mansfield U.             16:03.83
4 Rulapaugh, Katie       SR Cedarville  U.             16:38.13
5 MacIntyre, Sarah       FR Mansfield U.              16:48.16
6 Sheets, Sara                   World Class             17:13.60
7 Barnett, Kristen          SO Rio Grande              17:49.46
8 Franklin, Mary                 Pegasus Walk         18:19.03
9 Robinson, Billie          FR Rio Grande              18:33.61
10 Prohaska, Joyce            Unattached              18:51.72
  -- Rafferty, Esther         SR Rio Grande              DNF
  -- Wolfe, Amanda          JR Rio Grande              DNF

Walking the mile concurrently were
1.  Erin Webber         Malone College         10:35.7 H
2.  Ashley Thomas    Malone College          10:38.2 H
3.  Missy Walker      Malone College           DQ

Event 32  Men 3000 Meter Race Walk
Fieldhouse: F 12:31.94  1/28/00    Gary Morgan, New York AC
Meet:         M 12:31.94  1/28/00    Gary Morgan, New York AC
   1 Staier, Adam            FR Mansfield U.         12:07.4hM * new Record
   2 Boyles, Matt            JR Rio Grande            12:07.7hM
   3 Robinson, Jim          SR Rio Grande           12:48.3h
   4 Correll, Rich             FR Mansfield U.         15:18.4h
   5 Finley, Spencer       SR Taylor U.               15:21.2h
   6 Sykes, Tim             SR Rio Grande U.       15:21.6h
   7 Fitch, Ed                40  Miami Valley         15:54.6h
   8 Peters, Vince         48  Miami Valley          16:40.0h
  -- Littrell, Scott           SR Rio Grande             DQ
  -- Keir, Adam              Fr  Mansfield U.           DQ

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