USTCA/RWI Collegiate Grand Prix Standings
USTCA/RWI Collegiate Race Walk Grand Prix Standings
Report #1  All events thru Feb 2nd

                    School         Race Best    Dist  Percent
1. Anne Favolise    UW Parkside     1  7:28.00  Mile  82.6%
2. Madga Spyra      U of Mary ND    1 15:19.64  3k    76.6%
3. Amanda Bergeron  UW Parkside     1 15:33.96  3k    75.4%
4. Lauren Olivieri  Mansfield PA    2 16:00.81  3k    73.2%
5. Katie Rulapaugh  Cedarville OH   1 16:38.15  3k    70.5%
6. Sarah MacIntyre  Mansfield       1 16:47.50  3k    69.6%
7. Amye Ellingson   NW College WA   1  8:37.37  1500  66.3%
8. Kristen Barnett  Rio Grande OH   2 17:13.60  3k    66.1%
9. Erin Goeden      Mt Marty SD     3 17:18.14  3k    66.0%
10.Billie Robinson  Rio Grande OH   2  9:17.34  Mile  64.8%
11.Amanda Wolfe     Rio Grande OH   1 10:28.34  Mile  58.9%
12.Erin Webber      Malone OH       1 10:35.84  Mile  58.2%
13.Ashley Thomas    Malone OH       1 10:38.34  Mile  58.0%
14.Laura Vernikoff  Johns Hopkins   1 23:40.69  3k    49.5%

1. Ben Shorey       UW Parkside     2  6:21.39  Mile  86.3%
2. Adam Staier      Mansfield PA    2 12:07.54  3k    85.5%
3. Matt Boyles      Rio Grande OH   2 12:07.84  3k    81.9%
4. Stephen Quirke   UW Parkside     1 13:03.89  3k    80.9%
5. Mike Tarantino   UW Parkside     1 13:05.91  3k    80.7%
6. Mike Stanton     UW Parkside     1 13:10.89  3k    80.2%
7. Jim Robinson     Rio Grande OH   2 12:48.44  3k    79.7%
8. T.C. De Witt     UW Parkside     1 13:53.70  3k    76.0%
9. Jon Chasse       UW Parkside     2  7:17.19  Mile  73.9%
10.Tim Sykes        Rio Grande OH   2  7:52.14  Mile  69.7%
11.Eric Pasko       UW Parkside     1 15:13.32  3k    69.4%
12.Spencer Findley  Taylor IN       1 15:21.34  3k    68.8%
13.Rick Correll     Mansfield PA    2 15:18.54  3k    67.9%
14.Scott Littrell   Rio Grande OH   1  8:43.64  Mile  63.6%
15.Steve Shaster    Mansfield PA    1 16:56.52  3k    62.4%
16.Adam Keir        Mansfield PA    1 17:08.35  3k    61.6%

This is the FIRST Performance List of the United States Track Coaches
Association and Racewalking International Collegiate Race Walk Grand Prix.  The
current standings are based on the races that the walkers have competed in to
date (Feb 2).  The standings are based on AVERAGE Age Grade Scoring. If a
walkers has competed in 2 or 3 races, their score will be an average of those 2
or 3 races.  If a walker has only competed 1 time, that score is their
"average".  That explains how a walker with a faster time in one event may be
ranked lower than another walker.

All races that are "cleared" in advance of the event and all races that are
reported within 7 days of the event will be added to the USTCA/RWI Grand Prix. 
To date, there have been several races added to the scoring because they were
reported and a collegiate athlete was listed.

Age Grade scoring is based on the National Masters Age Grading Tables.  This a
change from the original plan.  The original plan was to use the American
Records/Bests for each event.  The reason for the change is that the American
Records are not "uniform" in performance effort.  Some of the American Records
and Bests are better, in terms of Age Grading, than others.  The National
Masters Age Grades are uniform from distance to distance.

This is just the first report of the season.  The Standings will be updated
monthly or after especially busy weekends.  The FINAL STANDINGS will not be
compiled until the USA Outdoor Championships at Palo Alto in June.  To be
eligible for the Final Standings a walker must have a minimum of 4 races and
one of those races must be a championship event, such as any USATF National or
Regional Event, a Conference Championship, NAIA Nationals, or any other
USTCA/RWI certified championship event. (To be certified as a championship
event, the race must be Regional in scope as a minimum.)  A walker must use one
of their Championship scores to compute their final average, but they can use
more than one if they have championship scores that are in their Top 4 scores.

Once a walker has competed in 4 events, one of which is a championship, they
can compete in more events and improve their 4 best scores, dropping off a
lower score for an improvement as the season progresses.

If there are any questions about the process, contact Coach Mike De Witt at the
email address above or by phone:  262-595-2405.

The USTCA/RWI Collegiate Race Walking Grand Prix will be awarding USA
Collegiate Honors to the Walkers and their colleges to the Top 8 finishers
Grand Prix.  Race Walking International is sponsoring the awards and the
RWI Web Page is the Host Site of Information.  The USTCA web site also hosts
information on the Grand Prix.  One final source of information is the UW
Parkside Women's Track and Cross Country Web site, which also houses the UW
Parkside Race Walking Information Site.  women's track and

A special thank you goes out the United States Track Coaches Association for
allowing the use of their web site and their endorsement of the Grand Prix and
a big thank you to Racewalking International for doing all of the legwork and
coordination between the USTCA and RWI.

Comment:  This is a nice start to the Grand Prix.  I know that there are a
handful of walkers in Maine at various universities, there is also the
Collegiate Track Conference, which has 3-4 universities with walkers at their
schools.  There will also be several more NAIA schools that will add walkers to
the list in the next month.  This initial report has 30 walkers listed from a
total of 9 universities.  The goal is to get at least 1 walker listed in at
least one race from 40 universities across the country and to get the total
number of college walkers over 75.  It should be noted that in the past few
years when the Women's Pole Vault, the Weight Throw, and Steeplechase where
added to the NCAA National Meets, those numbers were similar after the first

Mike De Witt
UW Parkside Race Walking
USTCA/RWI Grand Prix Coordinator

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