Here is an updated performance list for the USA 2003 Pan Am Cup Team 
as of 1/26/03.

Athletes have until 2/16/03 to post performance times and qualify for
the teams.  Qualifying period is January 1, 2002 to February 16, 2003.
The qualifying standards for the USA A or B teams are:

20K men - 1:36
20K women - 1:48
50K men - 4:45

Athletes have until February 17, 2003 to make team declarations.  Male
athletes qualified for 20K and 50K must declare their event.  They may
participate in both events, but may only represent the US team in one

Athletes not named to US teams may compete unattached or for their
USATF clubs at the Pan Am Cup races if they have met the folowing
entry standards:  20K men - 1:45; 20K women - 2:00; 50K men - 5:00.

Please send me any corrections or additions to this list or additions
to the email list.

Steve Pecinovsky
National Team Coordinator
H 703-497-9254
W 202-353-3459

Women's 20 km Teams


1:34:46 Joanne Dow
1:34:53 Teresa Vail
1:35:59 Amber Antonia
1:40:56 Susan Armenta
1:44:07 Jolene Moore

1:44:27 Michelle Rohl
1:45:57 Bobbi Jo Chapman
1:47:45 Cheryl Rellinger
1:47:49 Sam Cohen
1:47:55 Ali Bahr

Alternates : No other sub 1:48 performers in 2002
Not competing in Pan Am Cup: 1:39:45 Jill Cobb

Men's 20 km


1:24:49 John Nunn
1:26:40 Tim Seaman or 50K A team
1:27:56 Al Heppner or 50K A team
1:27:58 Sean Albert or 50K A team
1:28:35 Kevin Eastler or 50K B team

1:28:59 Philip Dunn or 50K A team
1:29:32 Curt Clausen or 50K A team
1:30:26 Matt Boyles
1:31:35 Ben Shorey
1:32:54 Theron Kissinger or 50K B team

1:34:30 Allen James
1:35:49 Steve Quirke or 50K B team

50 km Team


3:56:13 Philip Dunn or 20K B team
3:58:55 Curt Clausen or 20K B team
4:07:43 Tim Seaman or 20K A team
4:09:58 Sean Albert or 20K A team
4:11:14 Al Heppner or 20K A team

4:26:41 Theron Kissinger or 20K B team
4:38:08 Steve Quirke or 20K alternate 
4:42:59 John Souchek
Kevin Eastler (30K 2:26) or 20K A team
Dave McGovern (30K 2:36)

Bill Vayo (30K 2:44)

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