Pollinger shines (at Dartmouth Relays)

Leverone Field House,
Dartmouth College,
Hanover, NH
12 Jan, 2003

Pollinger walks with the best at Dartmouth Relays as a High School

Zach Pollinger, a high school Junior from NJ made the 8 hour trek to
Hanover, NH to walk his first indoor race of the season, and turned in a
spectacular 6:32.82 one mile time while finishing in third place behind
a much older Patrick Boisclair from Canada (6:06.89) and University of
Wisconsin at Parkside standout Ben Shorey (6:21.39).  Although Shorey
was only racing the mile for a workout, since he is currently preparing
for the 20k Nationals (he has had some outstanding one mile times in the
6 minute flat range), it does not detract at all from the outstanding
performance of Pollinger.  The first of several high school walkers in
the Dartmouth competition, Zach, who is clearly way ahead of his peers,
is now preparing for his debut at the exciting Milrose one mile racewalk
to be held next month at Madison Square Garden.  He will also be
competing again, before Milrose, with much older and more experienced
walkers at the Greater Boston Invitational 3000 meter indoor racewalk to
be held at Harvard University at 9:30 am on Sunday 19 Jan.

The complete results of the Dartmouth Relays follow:

Men's collegiate and open one mile racewalk:

1.  Boisclair, Patrick      McGill Olymp             6:06.89
2.  Shorey, Ben             Wisc Parkside             6:21.39
3.  Pollinger, Zach          NJ                              6:32.82
4.  Chasse, Jon              Wisc Parkside             7:17.91
5.  Collier, Patrick          Athletics East              7:19.98
6.  Dennett, Mark           Maine Racewalkers    7:52.61
7.  Mallet, Michel           McGill Olymp             7:57.55
8.  Mallet, Victor            McGill Olymp             7:58.22
9.  Scott, Patrick            Maine Racewalkers     7:59.62
10.Whitten, Aaron          Maine Racewalkers     8:41.72

Women's collegiate and open one mile racewalk:

1.  Anne Favolise                   Wisc Parkside              7:28.00
2.  Brooks, Jasmine                Maine Racewalkers      7:45.95
3.  Bourgoult-Belan, Melissa   McGill Olymp               8:04.60
4.  Lochala, Carly                   Maine Racewalkers       8:27.00
5.  Fortin, Renee                     Maine Racewalkers       8:55.65
6.  Gangloff, Jody                    Unattached
7.  O'Brien, Maddy                 Maine Racewalkers       9:23.67
8.  Dickinson, Kate                 Maine Racewalkers       9:24.74

Officials:   David Baldwin, Mary-Helen Baldwin, Laurie Boemker

Thomas Eastler
Maine USATF Racewalk Chairman

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